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A scheduling team trained by dentists for the dentists

We do not just pick up the call, we believe in quality call conversion and bringing growth to your practice.

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We Understand How Much a Missed Call Costs

According to ADA report, every new patient call is worth $654. And the same patient spends on an average of $4500 over subsequent appointments. If your office is missing even 10 new patient calls a month, which most dental offices do miss, you might be loosing $6500 of immediate revenue and over $40000 of long term revenue per month.

High Performing Team

Every phone call is picked in first ring by a highly trained people. Our staff is specifically trained on dental termininologies to help provide a personal experience to your patients. Whether a patient is asking about a root canal or an extraction, we know what to talk.

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Monday - Saturday

7:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Spanish & English

Open Over 80 Hours per Week

You dont ever have to worry about missing a phone call ever again. We are open 7:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

We service customers in both Spanish and English.

We Take Ownership

We are not just another phone answering service. We understand how much value every new patient add to your practice, we take complete ownership of your followups and whatever it take to get them on schedule.

Easiest way to grow practice without spending on marketing.

Your front desk provides your patient first impression to your office before he even puts his foot inside the door. Majority of the offices feel that their front desk can do more but they seldom find time to keep training them and we understand that their time utilization is much more worth in chair side. Hence we come into play.

  • We monitor every call
  • We provide custom feedback to every scheduler every week
  • We train staff regularly
  • We Care About the Brand Value

    We don't focus on just adding patients to your practice but our focus is to improve the overall brand value of the practice with every conversation we have with every patient.

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    We are confident on our service and we want you to be equally confident on us. That is why we give you first one month free.

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