Business Innovation Solutions to improve performance & profitability

Quantitative research
Numbers, mathematical analysis, collection of data to shed light on important statistics about business and market, etc. Based on findings business owner or finance head predicts where business is headed.
Qualitative research
Gives an anecdotal look into a business. It helps to shed light on the actual step-by-step working of staff, quality and content of inter-office and clients/customers interactions, helping you define problem areas, stumbling blocks, customer opinions and experiences, employee values and beliefs, and more.
Qualitative Improvement Initiative
Often for a business to not reach its full potential has little to do with lack of infrastructure or business systems; lack of focus, capital etc. Lack of desired employee conduct is a reason that we often ignore or overlook. Because of this the business overall fails to capture the vision of management and does not sync with voice of customers.

What We Do

Our job is to offer business innovative solutions for start-ups and growing organization to help them progress at a pace they envisioned in the early stage of inception. Over the years, as Business Solutions Provider we've realized that business owners get so entwined in mundane tasks, and are left with little time to invest in their core business. This is the number one reason why businesses fail to take off or grow at a slower pace than expected. Our common advice often to our clients is that they should not see so much through game changing creativity. Instead they should explore options to optimize their existing business existing resources and put them to better use. Reply
How We Work

We systematically scan and capture clients’ existing business/working model. This helps us to gain deeper insights into motives behind consumer triggers. It also helps us to understand their experience of doing business with us whether it’s buying products or hiring services. We systematically search, study, & analyze `on-the-job’ customer & staff problems & performance issues. We undertake an in-depth root cause analysis Draw on ideas to develop an improved system of working with emphasis on `Qualitative' dimension. While devising solutions we do not overlook or undermine quantitative angle of business.

This evolved and new work system does not overlook or undermine quantitative angle of business. On the contrary, the steps we design diminish the gap between qualitative and quantitative approaches. We devise and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and its outputs to demonstrate results. We help the management and staff to see and experience things that were going wrong with the way they worked – at the organization and at the unit level. We use proven tools, and results are monitored to achieve break-through goals necessary for the growth of clients’ business. An important component/feature of the system we create is a dashboard, a quick-glance ready reckoner that keeps the staff and management posted on `to do’ list and be able to view the status of entire process on your chosen device. The proven tools & methods we implement lead to:

Remember, Qualitative Improvement is an important first step to improve any business set-up and enhance employee performance.
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Increase customer satisfaction
Improve quality of inter-office & Office–customer communication
Improve on-time delivery
Reduce process cycle time
Reduce cost
Organize layout to free up space
We Work With
Start-up Business
Growing Business
Established Business
Our Strategy
Our innovation strategy, or performance enhancement strategy (if you’d like to call it that) will focus on how your service or product will create better value for potential customers, how you as a company will capture a share of that value, and what types of innovation are more likely to work for you in the short, medium, and long run. While many consultants may undermine the importance of executing “routine” innovation to leverages businesses’ existing resources, capabilities and business model, for us that is the first important step. We create unique competitive circumstances by putting our existing resources to better use. Our innovation portfolio is realistic and tries innovation from within the set-up first.
How We Do It
Understand your target market
Recruit, Train, & Retain High Performing Employees
Practice Effective Customer Management
Evaluate Practicality of Expansion Plans
Execute relevant & Timely Marketing Strategies
Streamline Money Management