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Artificial Intelligence for Classrooms!

The Company

About Us

We are a team of Artificial Intelligence Technologists providing AI based solutions to IIT JEE coaching institutions; automating routine tasks of administration, learning, tutoring, grading, & assessments. We offer our services worldwide and promise to transform the way IIT JEE coaching institutions function without replacing the human aspect of teachers.

How We Help

Based on specific requirements of your institute and its overall functioning (you brief us about), we help you build a system that works for you and can be deployed on digital devices like smartphones, tablets to help you to run your admin & classrooms (intelligently and) efficiently.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is to make the best customized Artificial Intelligence driven solutions and systems available for IIT-JEE, & NEET institutes to help them be at the top of their game. We want to create solutions that will sync the process of teaching, learning, & managing classrooms with the modern & evolving education system


Digitally Assess & Track Progress

Our smart content empowers institutions & teachers to contribute more than ever before!

  • Call us

    If you’re thinking about incorporating AI into coaching institute, call us for a discussion

  • Brief Us

    We’ll understand the structure of your institute & expectations, and suggest steps for transformation.

  • Get Ready For Trial

    We’ll install the prototype app trial version for limited duration & upload actual app on completion of formalities.

  • Support

    Providing backend support is our permanent responsibility. Find all you want by generating report with click of a button.

Contact us with a brief about what you’re looking for. We will revert with how we can help. Then we can fix a meeting to discuss details

If you own or manage an institute where students are coached for IIT-JEE, & NEET, we can help you to streamline its functioning with AI based solutions. Schedule a meeting with us to know how our solutions can transform your classrooms.
No matter how big/small, old/new your institute may be, we can set up a system that will work for everyone; for students, teachers, and admin. We will integrate AI in your institute’s functioning in such a way that it’ll take you many levels higher!
Whether you’re looking at ways to reduce routine admin tasks, want teachers to spend more time with students, equip them with tools to improve quality of teaching, assessment of students, take timely corrective measures, or anything other than this, we promise smart solutions!
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Explore new possibilities to structure the quality of education, workforce, and dynamic of time.

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